Chip Bray's Other Work: Product Presentations
Live Product presentations pose an attention-grabbing challenge for actors. They provide actors with an opportunity to use their improvisation skills and an audience to perform to but it’s important that actors learn as much about the product they are selling as possible.

Cindy Marler Furthermore, every presentation needs to be fresh and equally enthusiastic, even if it’s the tenth presentation in one day. Chip Bray has represented many companies over the years in a variety of countries and settings.

Among the companies that Chip Bray has represented:

MPS (Multi Print Systems) since 2003
Brussels, Belgium & Chicago, USA
15-25 minutes shows about ‘Servo Driven’ label printing systems

Ricoh (1990’s)
CEBIT Hannover, Germany & FOTOKINO Köln, Germany
Solo presentations and ensemble performances involving office products and digital cameras

Label Expo Brussels 2007
Trade Show      
Chip Bray  

"At least one way of measuring the freedom
 of any society is the amount of comedy
 that is permitted."

Eric Idle